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Speakers Alliance

Workshops Tailored to Unlock Team Development

Embark on a transformative 10-week journey to elevate your team's leadership and communication skills. Our leadership coaching focuses on essential areas like public speaking skills, team collaboration, and more. Through a blend of hands-on exercises and theoretical insights, we deliver a comprehensive and customizable learning experience.

Customization Options

This workshop is designed to be fully tailored to address your team's unique challenges and goals. Nevertheless, there are some universally beneficial themes that typically guide the workshop:

  • Building Confidence

  • Effective Communication

  • Active Listening

  • Storytelling Skills

  • Navigating Difficult Conversations

Workshop Timeline

Please use this as an example to better understand our workshop flow. Once you have selected the focus and themes of your personalized workshop, we will develop a timeline and topics that reflect your team’s needs.
Week 1
Introduction and Establishing Objectives
Week 2
Building Confidence and Overcoming Speech Anxiety
Week 3
The Power of Effective Communication
Week 4
Active Listening & Understanding Others
Week 5
Mastering the Art of Storytelling
Week 6
Navigating Difficult Conversations with Ease
Week 7
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Week 8
Elevating Your Leadership Communication
Week 9
Building Cohesive Teams through Communication
Week 10
Empowering the Future - Reflection and Growth

Session Format

Each weekly session is 2 hours and typically follows this structure:
•    Check-In: 15 minutes
•    Topic Introduction: 15 minutes
•    Main Discussion and Activities: 75 minutes
•    Wrap-Up: 15 minutes


Each week provides participants with take-home exercises that are designed to encourage the real-world application of workshop themes.
For a workshop that’s perfectly tailored to propel your team towards excellence, contact us and build a brighter future today!

Elevate Your Team with Custom Coaching Sessions

When you invest in our personalized coaching sessions, you're not just building skills; you're unlocking potential. Partner directly with our Co-Founder, Terry Beard, for one-on-one leadership training tailored to your individual team member’s needs. Each session focuses on crucial areas like communication excellence, team collaboration, and personal development planning, uncovering authentic voices and building change-makers within your organization.

Smiling Businesswoman

What sets our coaching apart?

  • Personal Development Planning: Identify key areas for growth and set achievable objectives.

  • Leadership Mastery: Uncover and hone your leadership style to inspire and lead your team effectively.

  • Expert Guidance: Leverage the wealth of expertise from Terry Beard, a seasoned entrepreneur and public speaking guru.

  • Communication Excellence: Learn to communicate your ideas clearly, listen effectively, and resolve conflicts.

  • Team Collaboration: Enhance your team's productivity and job satisfaction through effective collaboration techniques.

Morning Read

Session Format

Each coaching session lasts for 1.5 hours, structured as follows:

•    Initial Check-In: 10 minutes
•    Progress Review: 15 minutes
•    Topic Introduction: 15 minutes
•    Exploration and Activities: 40 minutes
•    Wrap-Up: 10 minutes


Additional Perks

•    Flexible Scheduling: Choose from a variety of time slots that suit you best.
•    Virtual or In-Person: Sessions can be conducted online or face-to-face, based on your preference and needs.
•    Exclusive Resources: Gain access to a wealth of supporting material like worksheets, articles, and video content.

Let's Take the First Step Together

When you invest in one-on-one coaching, you're not just investing in skills; you're investing in potential. You'll have the unique opportunity to partner directly with our Co-Founder, Terry Beard. Each coaching session is individually tailored to unlock the untapped potential within your team members, transforming them into authentic voices and change-makers within your organization. Ready to embark on a transformative journey? Contact us today to set up an initial consultation. 

The Speakers Alliance

Elevate Your Public Speaking Skills and Unlock Your Full Potential

The Speakers Alliance is on a mission to revolutionize the way people communicate. Our Portland-based initiative provides a unique platform that facilitates both virtual and in-person meetings to help you overcome speech anxiety, improve your communication skills, and become an effective leader.

FYV Workshop participants can attend weekly Speakers Alliance meetings for six months, absolutely free. These sessions provide additional opportunities for practicing your skills and networking after the workshops are complete.
Whether you're an executive wanting to inspire your team, an entrepreneur looking to captivate investors, or someone who simply wants to become more confident in any speaking setting, we have a solution for you.

Speaking at Seminar

Key Benefits for Workshop Participants

  • Increased confidence and leadership skills

  • Enhanced public speaking and writing abilities

  • Opportunities for networking in a small, supportive environment

  • Personal growth through the practice of speech writing and presentation

  • A lifetime annuity of speaking and leadership skills

Ready to Transform Your Communication Skills?

Don’t let the fear of public speaking hold you back any longer. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation, or click here to learn more about the Speakers Alliance. 

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