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Poor communication costs American companies $1.2 trillion* a year. Make sure it doesn't cost you. 

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Our communication workshops are customized to your unique business and industry. Find out how we can improve your team's outcomes by helping your members Find Their Voice. 


Business Communication Workshop

Our "Empowerment Through Communication" workshop is a comprehensive 20-hour program spread over 10 engaging sessions.


It is designed to unlock the full potential of your business by equipping your team with the skills they need to communicate effectively, both internally and externally.

Business Meeting

Voices Found

Terry's advice and tips are priceless, and an expression of what he provides—service above self. With his vision and leadership skills, he has created a unique avenue for invaluable advice on the one thing everyone needs, but typically shies away from—the art of effective public speaking, and how to overcome the underlying fear that keeps people from finding their voices. "

Claudia Porter, CFP

Financial Reserve


Succeeding in Business and Life by Finding Your Voice

Too many of us live with our inner voices reinforcing the feeling that we are "not good enough." Squelched is a living testimony that we need not succumb to the negative messages life may serve to thwart our aspirations and best efforts. We can be more than the expectations of others, with effort and conviction.

Terry Beard, Author

FindYourVoice Founder

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Introduce FindYourVoice

Our team is always appreciative of the opportunity to meet potential clients. If you know of a business or organization that could benefit from partnering with FindYourVoice, read about our Referral Program.

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