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Review: How to Be a Power Connector - Network Leadership

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Networking — it's not just about who you know; it's about who knows you and the value you both bring to the table. Judy Robinett's "How to Be a Power Connector" redefines this concept, turning networking from a transaction into a transformative community-building tool. As a leader in communication workshops at Find Your Voice, I found Robinett's insights particularly resonant.

Find your voice professional development, where leadership through communication matters
Networking Opportunities

The 5+50+100 Rule: Building a Community of Value

"Networking is getting to know people that I enjoy and genuinely taking an interest in them." - Judy Robinett

Robinett’s 5+50+100 rule for strategic networking moves beyond superficial interactions, echoing our mission at FYV to foster genuine connections. This rule isn’t just a strategy; it’s a lifestyle choice that champions authenticity and mutual growth.

Empowering Women to Leverage Their Networks

In the business world where women often face unique challenges, Robinett's words strike a chord:

"The higher up you are in the corporate ladder, the fewer women you’ll find...women need to enhance their power connecting skills." 

Our FYV workshops are dedicated to empowering women to 'make the ask' confidently, supporting them to harness their networks and ascend the professional ladder.

Networking Beyond Your Level: The Key to Growth

Robinett asserts the importance of networking up and down, not just laterally. This approach aligns perfectly with our commitment at FYV to encourage holistic networking — forming connections that can support and elevate, regardless of hierarchical positions.

Find your voice professional development, where leadership through communication matters
Engage Your Network

Personal Reflections: Making Authentic Connections

The book's title promises to turn networks into profits, but its content delivers so much more. It champions helpfulness, responsiveness, and gratitude — qualities that I advocate for in every FYV workshop. Robinett's work has inspired me to further integrate these principles into our training.

Join the Conversation on LinkedIn

As we delve deeper into the art of networking in our workshops, I invite you to engage with us on LinkedIn. Follow Find Your Voice for more insights, and join a community that values genuine connections.

Your Network, Your Net Worth

In closing, Judy Robinett's "How to Be a Power Connector" offers a wealth of strategies that we can all use to enhance our networking skills. At FYV, we are excited to weave these principles into our workshops, helping you build networks that are not just wide, but also deep and meaningful.

"You can’t wait until you need a relationship to develop them." 

Let's not wait. Let's start connecting today. Follow us on LinkedIn for networking opportunities that could change the trajectory of your business and life.

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