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Welcome to Find Your Voice Professional Development: Where Leadership Through Communication Matters

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Hey there! Have you ever sat in a meeting, brimming with ideas, yet felt like you were on mute? Or led a team only to find that while your mouth was moving, the message wasn't quite landing? We've been there, and that's exactly why Find Your Voice (FYV) was born.

Our Heartfelt Mission: Empowerment through Communication

At FYV, we're not just about workshops and training sessions. We're about lighting that spark within each person to communicate with confidence and lead with conviction. Our heart lies in seeing teams transform, watching as they align with their company's vision and bring their full selves to work every day. That's the kind of professional development we live for.

Find your voice professional development, where leadership through communication matters
Ease of Communication

Why Find Your Voice? Because Your Team Deserves the Best

Let's chat about the magic that happens when your team truly gets it. When communication clicks, it's like a well-oiled machine where every cog turns in unison—effortlessly efficient. That's what we aim for in our tailor-made workshops. Whether it’s nailing public speaking or simply improving the daily banter, we've got the tools to make it happen.

The FYV Difference: It's Personal

We believe that professional growth is incredibly personal. That's why each session with us feels like a conversation, not a lecture. We dive into what makes your team tick, understanding the unique challenges they face when interacting with the public or each other.

Find your voice professional development, where leadership through communication matters
Effective communication in a team setting

Real Results for Real People

For us, success isn’t a line on a graph—it's about real changes that everyone can feel in the workplace. It’s about the ‘aha’ moments when an employee masters a difficult conversation, or when a leader truly listens and understands their team. That’s the real return on investment we're after.

Meet the Team Who Cares

Our co-founders, Terry Beard and Kaitlin Leonard, are the heart and soul of FYV. They’re not just professionals—they're people who've lived the same communication challenges and have come out on the other side, ready to guide others. They believe in nurturing and celebrating every small win on the path to greatness.

Cultivating a Culture Where Everyone Grows

We're on a mission to change workplace cultures for the better. Through our Speakers Alliance initiative, we're reaching out to the community to spread the word: effective communication and genuine leadership are for everyone, and they can transform the way we work and live.

Let's Start a Conversation

We're here to get the conversation started about the future of your team. We're looking for companies ready to invest in their most precious resource—their people. If you're nodding along, thinking about the potential in your team that's just waiting to be unlocked, let’s talk.

Your Team, Your Voice, Your Success

Join us in this journey of growth and discovery. At FYV, we're ready to listen, adapt, and provide the tools your team needs to find their voices. Reach out, and let's make communication the bridge to your team's success.

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