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Our Story

FindYourVoice seeks to empower individuals to discover their ability to effectively communicate and express themselves in various contexts. A strong, authentic voice can have a profound impact on relationships, career advancement, and personal fulfillment.

The ability to confidently express oneself fosters stronger connections with family, friends, and loved ones. Open and genuine communication helps build trust, facilitates mutual understanding, and encourages the sharing of ideas, opinions, and emotions. By finding their voice, individuals can navigate complex situations and engage in more meaningful, fulfilling relationships.

Moreover, finding one's voice can bolster self-esteem and foster personal growth. By learning to express themselves authentically, individuals gain a better understanding of their core values and beliefs, enabling them to make more informed decisions and pursue their goals with greater confidence. This sense of self-assurance can permeate all aspects of life, from interpersonal relationships to professional endeavors.

Built on decades of public-speaking experience, FindYourVoice is built on the simple truth that when you find your voice, you find yourself

- Terry Beard

  Founder, FindYourVoice

Our Founder

Terry Beard Headshot.webp

Terry Beard

After thirty years of watching public speaking empower others to excel in business and life, I founded FindYourVoice to inspire others to gain confidence by finding their voice. 

As a founder and executive many times over, I've witnessed multiple sea changes, from the internet to the rise of generative Ai. But the need to find your voice has never wavered, becoming more important with each successive technological development.

Our Leaders

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