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About Find Your Voice

Your Key to Unlocking Success Through Effective Communication and Leadership Training

Welcome to Find Your Voice (FYV), the go-to solution for effective communication and leadership training workshops. We specialize in transforming ordinary teams into exceptional communicators and leaders, empowering both individuals and organizations to thrive and make a lasting impact.

Enhance your team by empowering them to communicate confidently

Our Mission

Find Your Voice is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations by instilling confidence in communication, fostering authentic leadership, and unleashing untapped potential. We are steadfast in our commitment to transform lives and enhance productivity through the power of effective communication and leadership.

Meet Our Team

Terry's entrepreneurial spirit and extensive executive experience fuel his passion for FYV. As a seasoned C-suite coach and board member across numerous companies, Terry identified a prevalent issue hampering corporate America – a noticeable gap in effective communication skills and self-confidence among leaders. Spotting speech anxiety as the underlying cause, Terry committed himself to address this issue, thereby empowering individuals to find their voices, conquer their fears, and unlock untapped potential. His unyielding passion for helping others manifests in his commitment to creating nurturing and empowering spaces where individuals can flourish. 

Kaitlin channels her background as a medical professional and college professor into her pivotal role at FYV. Witnessing the transformational impact of effective communication in the health and wellness industry, Kaitlin recognized her calling to help others conquer their communication fears. From her own journey from being an introvert to becoming a commanding communicator, she developed a passion for guiding others in discovering their unique voices. As FYV's chief workshop facilitator, Kaitlin uses her experience to empower professionals, fostering enhanced communication and cultivating genuine connections. Her commitment to women in leadership and active participation in women's business organizations further amplifies her dedication to empowering individuals to become influential leaders. 

Why Choose Find Your Voice?

Communication is the cornerstone of every successful organization. That’s why our workshops are custom-designed to address your team's unique challenges. We provide practical tools for effective communication at all levels, ensuring each participant gains insights that align with their personal and professional growth.

FYV workshops are customized to your team's unique needs



Team success is company success

Key Benefits for Organizations

Engage employees and invest in their growth

Key Benefits for Participants

Our 10- and 20-hour, custom-tailored workshops focus on your team's unique needs. We work with you to develop leadership skills and improve team collaboration by unlocking potential within each individual.

Improve your company culture by boosting alignment and team cohesion through our group workshops. Build trust and break down communication barriers as team members find their voice. 

Team members have the opportunity to build confidence, master communication, enhance relationships, and unlock leadership potential for career growth.

FYV Workshops come to your workplace to enhance your team's culture

Our Services

We host culture-positive workshops, and one-on-one coaching, for organizations seeking quick engagement and long-term sustainability for their teams.

Unique to FYV participants, we also provide ongoing support post-workshop through our community The Speakers Alliance. Participants are invited to join weekly meetings for continued learning and networking opportunities.

Contact Us for Customized Workshops and Training

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