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Embark on a transformative journey to elevate your team's leadership and communication skills. Our leadership coaching focuses on essential areas like public speaking skills, team collaboration, and more. Through a blend of hands-on exercises and theoretical insights, we deliver a comprehensive and customizable learning experience.

Customized for Your Team's Unique Needs

Our workshops are designed to be fully tailored to address your team's unique challenges and goals. Nevertheless, there are some universally beneficial themes that typically guide the workshop:

  • Building Confidence

  • Effective Communication

  • Active Listening

  • Storytelling Skills

  • Navigating Difficult Conversations

Quick Engagement: 10-Hour Workshop

  • 1-2 Custom Themes

Long Term Sustainability: 20-Hour Workshop​

  • 6-7 Custom Themes

Workshop Timeline

From conquering speech anxiety to improving collaboration, we aim to empower your team with specialized skills tailored to the needs of your organization. When it comes to establishing a workshop schedule, we work with your leadership to consider business needs and employee preferences to provide recommendations concerning the duration and frequency of individual sessions. 

For ease of commuting and business operations, workshops are conducted at your office location allowing your employees easy transitions from workshop to workday.  

See a sample Workshop Timeline to visualize how FYV can customize your organization's workshop to align with your team's specific objectives.

Session Format

Our signature 20-hour workshop provides the greatest value for organizations as we cover a range of topics, create feedback loops, and allow participants time to find their voice in a safe environment. We typically recommend 2 hour sessions over a 10-week duration.


Sessions typically follows this structure:

  • Check-In: 15 minutes

  • Topic Introduction: 15 minutes

  • Main Discussion and Activities: 75 minutes

  • Wrap-Up: 15 minutes

Other workshop formats, such as weekend team-building intensives, are possible - please reach out to us to discuss options.

If you have team members that need to join virtually, we can also discuss hybrid options for your remote employees.

Take-Home Exercises

Each week provides participants with take-home exercises that are designed to encourage the real-world application of workshop themes.

FYV Workshops are tailored to your team's unique needs

Get in Touch

For a workshop that’s perfectly tailored to propel your team towards excellence, contact us and build a brighter future today!

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