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Frequently Asked Questions

Seeking more insights about the transformative journey at Find Your Voice? Delve into our FAQs below, explore our story on the About Us page, grasp detailed insights about our services, or click the button below for a summary of Find Your Voice.

What topics are covered in FYV workshops?

Our workshops cover effective communication, dynamic leadership, masterful public speaking, and fostering a "Speak Up" culture within your organization. We work with your team to create a customized curriculum to fit the unique needs and challenges of your team. See more - click here.

How do FYV workshops differ from other professional development programs?

We pride ourselves in offering several distinctive features:

  1. Onsite Workshops for Your Convenience - We streamline the learning experience by bringing the workshops directly to you, ensuring higher attendance and engagement, and fostering an environment where learning integrates seamlessly with your organizational rhythm.

  2. Focused Team Dynamics -  Unlike other programs that mix participants from various companies, we preserve your team dynamics, facilitating focused strategies to address unique challenges within your organization, promoting real-time solutions and cohesive teamwork.

  3. Ongoing Learning and Support - The learning curve extends beyond the workshops with our continued support and resources, including a complimentary 6-month membership to The Speakers Alliance, fostering a community where your team can nurture and polish their newfound skills.

What outcomes can we expect for our team?
Expect improved communication, stronger leadership skills, increased confidence, and better team cohesion. Our workshops aim to create a positive organizational impact and company culture including improved teamwork and employee engagement.

What skill levels are these workshops appropriate for?
FYV workshops accommodate participants at all levels of communication skills, from beginners to those looking to refine existing skills.

What is the duration and schedule of these workshops?
Workshops vary in schedule based on the type of workshop (10-hour or 20-hour), business needs, and employee preferences. Our signature 20-hour workshop focuses on the long-term sustainability of an organization and generally spans 10 weeks with 2-hour weekly sessions.

For other workshop durations, formats, or needs, please contact us for a customized quote and proposal.

Are there any long-term benefits of attending an FYV workshop?
Absolutely! The skills you acquire will make you a valuable asset to your organization, contributing to higher retention rates, increased productivity, and a positive work environment.

Who facilitates these workshops?
Our facilitators are experts in public speaking, leadership, and organizational communication. They provide individualized coaching to ensure personal growth and team unity. Meet our team - click here.

Is there support available after the workshop ends?
Yes, we offer ongoing resources such as a free 6-month membership in the Speakers Alliance public speaking club for continued growth. Click here to learn more about the Speakers Alliance.

Do you have any reviews from past participants? 
We have a strong track record with numerous satisfied clients who have experienced significant improvements in communication and leadership skills. Check out some of our Testimonials from our recent participants.

More questions? Reach out to us and chat with our team for a consultation.  

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