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Our Services

Support strategic change in your organization with our signature communication and leadership workshops, designed to foster a positive company culture and enhance employee engagement.

Foundational Content & Quick Engagement

Our 10-hour workshop is a wonderful reset for teams that work well together and seek more focus on individual development.

In-Depth Content & Long-Term Sustainability 

Our 20-hour workshop is a comprehensive development program tailored to integrate current challenges, obstacles and pain points that the team is experiencing, in addition to individual development.


Our expert-led workshops are the cornerstone of our services, uniquely tailored, in both content and delivery, to meet your organization's needs. 


Through our extensive range of resources, from hands-on exercises to insightful online content, we provide a comprehensive ecosystem for enduring professional growth. Unlock your team's full potential for lasting success with our holistic approach to communication and leadership training.


Individual One-On-One Coaching 

Our workshops may end, but the journey of self-improvement continues. We’re devoted to nurturing both team synergy and individual prowess long after the initial training. Interested in further personal development? Let’s talk about customizing a one-on-one coaching session to refine your leadership and communication skills.

Continued Support: The Journey Never Ends

The conclusion of our workshops often marks the beginning of a newfound passion for many participants. Public speaking, once a daunting challenge, becomes a skill they’re eager to master. Through our collaboration with The Speakers Alliance, we provide a nurturing space where the art of oration becomes a part of who you are. As a token of our commitment to your ongoing development, we offer all FYV participants a complimentary 6-month membership to attend weekly in-person meetings. 

Time and again, we witness the remarkable journey of our participants, whose personal victories spark a lifelong quest for learning and growth. When you see the positive changes unfold in all facets of your life, the path ahead becomes irresistibly compelling. Let's keep moving forward, together.

Quick Engagement: 

10-Hour Team Building Workshops

Team building enhances relationships, communication, collaboration and trust. The goal is to create a more cohesive and high performing team.

Individual Coaching:

One-on-One Sessions

Polish communication skills with FYV's one-on-one coaching, designed to boost an individual's confidence, public speaking, and leadership potential.

Long-Term Sustainability:

20-Hour Cultural Enhancement Workshops

Cultural enhancement enriches the values of an organization. Key behaviors and perspectives necessary for a vibrant team culture are supported resulting in the success of the organization.

The Speakers Alliance:

Continue to Find Your Voice Post-Workshop

Join the Speakers Alliance for ongoing support and networking opportunities that will enhance your public speaking and leadership skills, fostering both personal and professional growth.

What Our Clients Say

FYV workshops are hosted at your facility - we come to you!

Claudia Porter | CFP®, Financial Reserve

"Terry's advice and tips are priceless, and an expression of what he provides—service above self. With his vision and leadership skills, he has created a unique avenue for invaluable advice on the one thing everyone needs, but typically shies away from—the art of effective public speaking, and how to overcome the underlying fear that keeps people from finding their voices."
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